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Zhangshu longxin food co., LTD1999To create,The specialty is engaged in the industry production and sales,Located in central jiangxi,Southern poyang lake plain,Across the river middle reaches on both sides,Since ancient times“The crossroads of eight provices,City of industry and commerce in jiangxi”Said,Water and land transportation is very convenient,Accounts for the right place, right time Chinese medicine bridge industrial park。

2009Years,The company according to the market demand,Investment500To establish a standard factory building,Covers an area of30Mu,The construction area4000More than square。The introduction of the current domestic new generation765Fully automatic production line。

Production workshop is fully enclosed、Standardization workshop,Excellent noodle environment,There is Effectively control bacterial growth,To ensure that the noodles For a long time fresh,For the production of green food noodle provide safer and more reliable guarantee。

In under the guidance of experts and professors directly,Successively developed a series of high-quality goods、Flourishing home dragon series、Longxin series、A new generation of health......

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Raw material pretreatment→Adjustable powder(With noodles)→Maturation→Calender→Cut the article、Cut off→Steamed noodles→Cooling→Dipping noodles→Metering packaging→Inspection→The finished noodles。Note:Do not can be omitted half a cracker dough steamed face、Cooling, etc...

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